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Been a while

2010-06-03 00:20:17 by erushi99

its been a while since i done any art and school is to blame.
I was so preocuppied with school that i put on hold any projects i wanted to do , which killed my inspiration all together
but something happened.......
one night i was in my bed unable to fall sleep when i feel the urge to draw something, anything!
i grabbed my sketchpad and a sharpie and started doing freaky looking dolls and among other things
and while doing that i had an idea. Since i am completly broke, i made a painting/drawing for my friend's bday and came up with this!!
The larger version is in my other drawings if you want to check it out.

Been a while

well this is great

2010-03-01 19:58:28 by erushi99

apparently my scouter lost their scouting privileges and now im unscouted.................again
anyone want to be my hero and scout me ?
im not a retarded noob who posts spam , viruses or retarded nonsense so please you can trust me in being a rational human being
this is not fair...............
oh yea recent work of art !!!!

well this is great


2010-01-16 15:37:50 by erushi99

Well i finally finished all the drawings i had on hold and i have many ideas now that the year started
one thing i have always wanted to draw was the horoscope animals or symbols , since i always been so intrigued by astrology.
since i did Aries for a friend of mine as a tattoo drawing, i'm going to continue with Taurus.
i have the outline and a bit of the shading done already , so it won't be long until i post it here.
Another plan of mine is doing all my drawings in this new paper that i got. It is tougher and more durable then printer paper , so maybe they will last longer with that paper. Probably the drawing won't turn out the same but if i don't draw them in this new paper they will rip beyond repair or worse, erase forever!!! (dun dun dun)
Work, work ,work is what i must do , right after i do dinner hehe.
Later Peeps


drawing like a maniac

2009-12-30 21:57:23 by erushi99

before the year ends im gonna finish all the drawings i had on hold and start the new years with an empty record in the hold folder haha
well since i been doing so much watercolor art im gonna go back to my beloved black and white for a while.
check out the new black and white drawing i did
feel free to comment, rate, review, criticize ( but not butcher plz) and give tips if you have any


2009-11-29 23:30:19 by erushi99

well since my grandpa gave me a set of watercolors and pastels to emss aorund with , i am making color art for a while. in the past i would just stick to my .7 lead pencil and do black and white , so experimenting with colors is quite the challange. i made a couple of things already , be gentle this is my frist time EVER using pastels and painting
please comments ill be extremely grateful and also tips are welcomed too

hopefully i come up with new things soon.
ta ta!!


2009-10-10 19:49:34 by erushi99

i been finally scouted ... again haha
i wanna start drawing now that i know someone can actually see my art
it makes me feel so much better
um i have a lot of wokr to do with my other drawings i have left unfinished but one of them is borthing me a lot
i dont know wether to color it or not !!!!
ill see what i do
peace kiddos ^-^-v


2009-10-07 21:45:24 by erushi99

hahaah im so dumb , i thought i did something wrong but its the whole "choose who scouts u" thing going on in art portal loool i feel so dumb . then again it would have been ncie if we were notified in a message of some sort
it was too random to just be unscouted for no reason hahah


2009-10-07 18:29:39 by erushi99

what happened? im so confused!!!!
for some reason i appear as an unscouted artist T_T what did i do wrong

you remember who said those words?
Jessica Rabbit of course! and cus i think she is such an awesome characther i drew her in B&W
ill post pictures tomorrow since rigth now is nigth and ligth sucks in my house
hopefully it doesnt turn out to be in bad quality . ill try to scan it but im printer illeterate XD
(spelling fail much?)
anyways i got another drawings coming up too so stay tuned

New NEw NEW!!!

2009-08-12 18:34:18 by erushi99

Stuff that is!
i have recently started 3new drawings . One of them is a freind request , my moms b day gift,and for the first time in a long time im doing a drawing for my own enjoyment wee :D
i shall keep u guys updated on how the new material is coming along , possibly post the sketches soon .
uuugh man and to think i start school in a week too haha work work work is what im gona be doing all week