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2009-11-29 23:30:19 by erushi99

well since my grandpa gave me a set of watercolors and pastels to emss aorund with , i am making color art for a while. in the past i would just stick to my .7 lead pencil and do black and white , so experimenting with colors is quite the challange. i made a couple of things already , be gentle this is my frist time EVER using pastels and painting
please comments ill be extremely grateful and also tips are welcomed too

hopefully i come up with new things soon.
ta ta!!


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2009-11-30 17:29:43

Sorry but i don't like water color, to messy. just talk to me about drawing tips if any are needed. I may not do big pieces , but I'm good, trust me...=)


2009-12-16 19:23:25

i tried using paint too.But i didnt get many good results.It really is hard,but at least its fun :D