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2010-01-16 15:37:50 by erushi99

Well i finally finished all the drawings i had on hold and i have many ideas now that the year started
one thing i have always wanted to draw was the horoscope animals or symbols , since i always been so intrigued by astrology.
since i did Aries for a friend of mine as a tattoo drawing, i'm going to continue with Taurus.
i have the outline and a bit of the shading done already , so it won't be long until i post it here.
Another plan of mine is doing all my drawings in this new paper that i got. It is tougher and more durable then printer paper , so maybe they will last longer with that paper. Probably the drawing won't turn out the same but if i don't draw them in this new paper they will rip beyond repair or worse, erase forever!!! (dun dun dun)
Work, work ,work is what i must do , right after i do dinner hehe.
Later Peeps



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2010-02-03 11:38:39

thats ok :) your a really good drawer. im trying to post my drawings on here and i think one of them has worked :/ can you check for me please?


2010-02-15 05:51:05

Nice minotaurus!

erushi99 responds:

well to my mom is a cow haha oh well......